Posted on Jan 7th, 2016 by Ellen Fischl-Bodner

The shortest days of the year were even shorter and darker this winter for 1.4 million of people in the Ukraine affected by the recent breach of their critical infrastructure power grid. What's most worrisome is that according to DataBreach Today, this cyberattack “appears to be the first time that malware has been used to facilitate a large-scale power disruption.”  So, as Ofer Or wrote in his blog about the Juniper firewall vulnerability, "it's the end of the world as we know it” for power grid companies and major utilities around the world.

Information is just becoming available about this recent power grid hack. However, it is clear from sources such that tightening potential attack surface and adhering to cyber security standards such as NERC CIP V5 and EU cyber security standards is essential for protecting critical infrastructure utilities.

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