Posted on Jul 10th, 2016 by Mark Wellins

Even though my mum would disagree, I am not perfect. IT madman blog image

In general, we, are not perfect. Life would be dreadfully dull if we were, therefore being right all the time, n'est pas? We would not have slogans like "Wang Cares1", which sounds rather dubious in British English, "We're Chicken2", obviously someone who scares easily, "Chuck a Sickie3", which sounds just terrible no matter how you try and rationalize it.

We would not have weirdness from our world politicians, such as "A zebra does not change its spots" (Al Gore), "I think war is a dangerous place" (George W Bush), "China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese" (Charles De Gaulle).

The worst mistakes though, are when common sense goes out the window – that is usually when 'The Mistaken One' is relying on technology and forgot to engage common sense. You can read about people who follow their GPS instructions without actually checking that the directions make sense, and have ended up in a porta-loo, fields of manure, or worse. And then there are times when you just are left wondering how people can be so blinded by technology, like the following true story (some facts changed slightly, under poetic license, names removed to protect the mostly innocent).

Customer: Hi, I'd like to check this book out please.

Librarian: Sir, please can you swipe your library card?

Customer: <swipes>

Librarian: Thank you. Oh. This book isn't in the library, it's been taken out by another customer.

Customer: I'm sorry. The book that I just handed you is not in the library?

Librarian: Yes sir, the system says it is not here.

Customer: The book, that is in your hand, entitled "The Dummies Guide to Effective Use of Technology," is not actually here?

Librarian: Yes sir, it is currently on loan to another customer.

Customer: <Facepalm>

Ultimately how we apply what we know is just as important as what the system says.

In Tufin Orchestration Suite, there is a wealth of information available. Our customers use this information to help with different aspects of information security – for example, from firewall clean up to enterprise security compliance, from accountability to authorization and from risk analysis to automation – this is what the system says.

When they take what they know, and apply it to the what-the-system-says about how their applications work, then we see some major results. Not only can they more easily deploy systems, but they can deploy securely while staying compliant (ITIL, ISO, PCI DSS,…), and through the use of automation, do so more efficiently. And not forgetting the big white elephant in the room, they are removing the element of human error. It's time you checked us out from your local 'library' and start to take advantage of the benefits of our Orchestration Suite.

You'll be very pleasantly surprised.

1 Unfortunate corporate slogan chosen by Wang Corporation towards the end of the 1970s
2 Tyson – well they sell chicken products of course, and apparently aren't that scared
3 Australian Budget Airline Virgin Blue, pulled the slogan just 30 minutes into its launch in 2008