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Published February 15th, 2023 by Mark Wellins

We all have a dream, some of us have many. One of my dreams is that Enterprise Software should be as compelling to use, and as addictive as computer gaming software proves is possible. IT madman blog image

I want my work day to be something I anticipate, not just another bearable day. I want my time spent in front of my computer to be an enjoyable experience. I look at the many different games I have played in the past (all in the name of research, I assure you) and I wonder why my work computer time can’t emulate my gaming time? I don’t mean running down the halls grabbing loot, killing HR zombies, finishing quests and supping health potions, no, I mean why am I not drawn back to my desk to for just one more task before I call it quits for the day?

When this dream comes true, there will be no shortage of people working over-time to become the best of the best in their chosen career. Without further ado, I present the characteristics IT Madman expects Enterprise Software to adopt:

  1. Leveling up. I want to be recognized for my effort and abilities, in a way that is readily shared with my peers, my employers and dare I say it, future employers. Major Firewall Engineer, lvl 12, 18,250 experience packets. Levelling up should never be too easy, but it should always seem within reach.
  2. Increasing skill set. I want to expand in my base abilities. Is it difficult emulate higher jumping, magic spells, faster health regen? Not really, give me a lvl 12 firewall warrior, with lvl 3 debug and lvl 4 troubleshooting, and add in lvl2 TCP/IP skills. Sounds like someone I’d want to employ
  3. Accumulation of better tools. As we progress, we are more proficient, and can therefore use bigger and better tools. In this case, the latest gadgets can assist my daily efforts, with those at the top of their game getting the shiniest and the newest. Can you imagine an IT geek with a +7 ring of charisma?
  4. Awards. When I finish debugging my 10th issue, I should get a virtual plaque to join the rest of those I have accumulated. These show how much experience I have, in case I manage to cheat the system and increase in levels without doing any real work.
  5. Quest progress tracking. Finally we come to our MBOs. My daily work should be tracked just like the main storyline, and all side quests should be listed in my MBO journal. And I should get rewarded accordingly.

What do we do though, when we are lacking the experience, we need to address the job at hand or to land the job we want? We look for the Holy Grail, the unique item that will give us that necessary skills that we lack. For some people that could be Nmap or NCrack; for my clients this is the Tufin Orchestration Suite, which gives them +10 to all their network security abilities. They increase their abilities with features like Policy Analysis, Automatic Policy Generator, the Interactive Topology Map and the zone-based Unified Security Policy (USP). Not only do they love them, they really deliver.

As one of our clients once said, “your products are addictive!”

Caveat: I wrote this before the phenomenon known as Pokemon Go! appeared. It uses at least 4 of these 5 suggestions, therefore I propose it is almost enterprise-class software!

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