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Published February 15th, 2023 by Surinder Paul, EfficientIP

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Leverage EfficientIP and Tufin for network security coherence and efficiency.

Increase the coherence and efficiency of security teams with native integrations to major IPAM (IP Address Management) vendors, including EfficientIP, and open source solutions.

With the Tufin IPAM Security Policy Application (ISPA) it is now possible to automatically synchronize Tufin SecureTrack with the network addresses of an IPAM. This ensures that all network changes are visible to network and security administrators, that proper network segmentation is achieved, and that security policy enforcement is maintained despite the pace of change of the network and its topology.

Your network often changes: your security policy doesn’t.

The security and compliance of the network, the connectivity of applications and critical infrastructure, the accuracy of incident response, and the reliability of vulnerability management, depend directly on the quality of the topology data. The security policy settings of an organization, based on IP addresses, must therefore be absolutely accurate and composed of rich data which is actionable, so it can bring value to the entire ecosystem.

SOLIDserver IPAM ensures on-going accuracy of Tufin security zones for consistent security policy enforcement. The main role of an IPAM is to structure the IP address plan, meaning that the IPAM contains details about the network topology. By adding valuable metadata to each piece of network and subnet information, it is possible for Tufin, and indeed all security ecosystem players, to perform valuable network segmentation configuration, control and remediation actions.

By exchanging network enriched data between EfficientIP SOLIDserver IPAM and Tufin, both from a stock perspective with the Tufin ISP approach and from an event perspective with the SOLIDserver-Tufin integration, it is possible to provide a very accurate view of the network, as well as any modifications made, to the security and network teams. The advantages this brings are that any security policy can be enforced without leaving holes in the coverage of the network, and governance can be strictly controlled.

Capitalize on an IP Source of truth for automated, error-free operations.

With this combined security solution, Tufin and EfficientIP demonstrate the power that having an accurate dynamic “IP Source of Truth” brings when actioned with the open API of both solutions. The IPAM is the central repository of all the IP and networking information, while Tufin SecureTrack is the security repository with the topology and governance rules. The main benefit of this integration, and by extension any ecosystem rich linking strategy, goes to the I&O teams. It allows network management silos to be connected, increases capability of teams to exchange accurate information in real time and enables automation for bringing error-free operations, timely security enforcement and data availability.

Update your security polices at the speed of your network changes.

The Tufin ISP is available on the Tufin marketplace and can be further enhanced with the Tufin SecureTrack integration embedded in the SOLIDserver IPAM for offering real time notifications on any modification made to network information. After all, for safeguarding your infrastructure against today’s ever-evolving potential threats, keeping security policies current and consistent is a required step.

Tufin IPAM Security Policy App
Screenshot of Tufin’s IPAM Security Policy App.

Gain network visibility of the network changes made by other teams. With the TUFIN ISPA you can garner insights on network expansions and contractions, identify shadowed and duplicate subnets, and identify empty zones.

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