Posted on Apr 22nd, 2014 by Reuven Harrison

Mike Rothman, Analyst and president of analyst firm Securosis warns how tectonic technology shifts will fundamentally change network security in recent Tufin webinar. I was lucky enough to have renowned security analyst, Mike Rothman from Securosis join me on a Tufin Webinar recently.

As we all know, the world of technology is currently facing a major pace change and it's having a huge impact on the way the enterprise handles its network security management.

During the webinar, Mike outlined just a few of the key trends having the biggest impact and how businesses can overcome the challenges they present:

  • Hyper segregation – the focus on data perimeters has not disappeared. But there are now multiple perimeters because barriers are required around everything separately
  • Impacted visibility – as data goes in to the cloud, it becomes increasingly difficult to see. You can no longer tap in to it or monitor it in the same way as before
  • Operationalization of security – security is no longer a distinct function, operations and security reviews as well as application development are all happening in one fluid process. Checks used to happen once a year. They now happen up to 15 times a day
  • Software defined security – an orchestration layer is now required to define rules and policies of how the environment can work together
  • Incident response – there needs to be a shift from investment in assessment and prevention to detection and investigation

To hear more about the implications of these trends on network security and how you can prepare your business for the major changes that we expect to occur over the next few years, check out the webinar here.

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