Posted on Jun 11th, 2018 by Joe Schreiber

Efficiency calls for automation, effectiveness calls for completeness, and migrations require both of these.

With the introduction of a new solution for optimizing and migrating rule sets between ASA to Firepower, Tufin and Cisco add another chapter to its shared story.

As of today, Tufin is proud to announce the release of SecureMigrate: ASA to Firepower. Our technical partnership spans over ten years and includes ongoing support for Cisco’s NGFW product Firepower and established support for ASA. This, combined with Tufin’s network visibility and automation technology, makes us the ideal partner to co-develop an innovative solution to deliver ASA to Firepower migrations. Tufin’s policy search and enrichment capabilities are coupled with an API-to-API integration for a seamless policy migration process.

Cisco customers migrating from ASA to Firepower can now enlist Tufin channel partners to deliver migration services. The service delivers a fully optimized rule set that aligns to Firepower Access Control Groups and provides immediate realization of Firepower benefits. Each ASA to Firepower migration is estimated to take four hours per firewall migration (up to 20 times faster than the manual process) and supports nested object groups and offline devices.

The Cisco Firepower NGFW is a great example of the next generation of network security platforms, and Tufin is excited to be Cisco’s first technology partner to enable the adoption of this technology. 

The service is exclusively delivered via a Tufin-powered proprietary solution only by Tufin-certified (TCSE) partners or the Tufin Professional Services team. Organizations that wish to optimize their existing rule set and realize the NGFW features of Firepower can contact Tufin today to speak with our professional services team or an accredited partner.

Join me at Cisco Live on Thursday, June 14 at 1pm-2pm as I explore migration tools from legacy platforms to Firepower NGFW.

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SecureMigrate: Cisco ASA to Firepower migration tool