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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Reuven Harrison

We’re exhibiting at Cisco Live in Las Vegas from June 26-29, and it’s a good opportunity to look back on the Tufin/Cisco partnership and the many benefits we offer our joint customers. The Tufin Orchestration Suite integrates with Cisco firewalls, routers, SDN platforms such as Cisco ACI and Cisco SD Access, and public cloud platforms. Our integration provides customers with visibility and control of security policies across heterogeneous networks to ensure security and compliance, all while boosting agility of network security teams.

More recently, Cisco announced the launch of Cisco Tetration Analytics 2.0. Backed by a robust ecosystem of partners – including Tufin as a founding member – Cisco Tetration Analytics 2.0 is an enterprise’s solution to the complexities of managing a dynamic application environment.

The integration of Tufin Orchestration Suite and Cisco Tetration Analytics 2.0 is so effective because of its ability to provide a full lifecycle for secure application connectivity. Beginning with discovery, it analyzes network flows and determines the connections that constitute an application.  This is followed by an automated compliance assessment and provisioning of the relevant security policies across the heterogenous network – all while maintaining business continuity.

So how does it work? Tetration first analyzes network flows and generates an application dependency map. Tufin consumes the application definitions from Tetration, verifies compliance based on corporate and industry standards, and can automatically update the security policies across the network and the cloud platforms. The result is an unprecedented level of visibility and control into applications’ security policies while ensuring continuous compliance. A common use case for this integration is application deployments or migration across an organization’s existing or emerging hybrid cloud data centers.

Using these two products side-by-side, the customer can now:

  • Reduce complexity by managing enterprise application security policies from a single pane of glass
  • Strengthen the organization’s security posture by extending micro-segmentation across hybrid networks
  • Reduce time and effort invested in audit readiness with continuous compliance
  • Enhance agility with application centric automation for network security policy changes
  • Gain visibility of security and connectivity across cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • Ensure service uptime with interactive topology map for connectivity analysis and troubleshooting
  • Increase control with a unified console supporting all leading enterprise platforms – traditional networks and firewalls, SDN platforms and cloud platforms

For a step-by-step guide on how to automate the provisioning of firewall changes through Cisco Tetration Analytics and Tufin SecureApp, check out this demo.

Learn more about the integration of Tufin Orchestration Suite and Cisco Tetration Analytics in our joint solution brief.

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