Security Policy Orchestration for Kubernetes

Enable comprehensive Kubernetes network security with a solution to visualize service traffic, identify risky configurations, design and deploy security policies, and automate security policy in your CI/CD pipelines.

Gain real-time, service-level visibility into security configurations of all clusters, pods, and nodes

Swiftly design and deploy security policies based upon approved North/South and East/West cluster traffic

Real-time alerting for any access and connectivity violations across all cluster workloads

Automated generation of network security policy files (YAML) for injection into CI/CD pipelines

Support for every K8s distribution and managed service

Visibility into all Kubernetes assets, traffic, and security controls
Unified dashboard to ID risk across all clusters and K8s workloads
Automated policy design and deployment

Get Your Personalized Kubernetes Security Assessment in Minutes

Get a free assessment of your Kubernetes clusters to check for any overly permissive network policies or open vulnerabilities that may impact your network. In fewer than 10 minutes, SecureCloud will analyze your public cloud and Kubernetes environments-without touching your data or altering your environment.