AWS Network Firewall.

AWS Network Firewall is a managed service that makes it easy to deploy essential network protections for Amazon VPCs by leveraging its flexible rules engine, allowing users to define firewall rules that provide fine-grained control over network traffic. Integrating these capabilities with Tufin will also allow users to gain visibility into cloud security posture, establish security guardrails and achieve continuous compliance, without compromising the business benefits of cloud computing.

 Key Benefits

  • Get visibility of the entire list of AWS Network Firewalls deployed across an organization's AWS accounts.  
  • View the overall properties, including where the firewall is deployed, public and private IP addresses, and the tag values that often provide business-specific context.  
  • Browse both stateless and stateful rules.  
  • Identify which cloud assets are at risk by easily sorting and filtering to find assets that are not protected by AWS Network Firewall. 
  • Analyze the complex combination of security controls for each asset to uncover potential risks, then alert the user to specific issues. For example, a particular asset that is exposed to the Internet or even Telnet (a known security issue caused by misconfiguration).  
  • Examine the complete set of security controls attached to the instance (including security groups, IAM policies, and AWS Network Firewall rules) to make appropriate adjustments to AWS Network Firewall using existing change management processes. 
  • Avoid placing business critical systems at risk when Tufin SecureCloud is introduced in CI/CD pipelines which alerts users of security misconfigurations. 

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