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You may want to use public cloud resources from a mix of vendors, but without a unified network security policy you can expose yourself to increased risk of misconfiguration, and be slowed down by error-prone manual processes that burden security teams.

Tufin gives cloud security professionals a unified platform to design, deploy, and automate network security policies across their diverse public cloud environments, enabling them to take advantage of the speed and agility of the cloud without exposing themselves to potentially dangerous and costly risk.

Real-time visibility into assets, services, and traffic (N/S & E/W)
Dynamic topology mapping provides app-centric views of all cloud services and assets, security configurations, and potential risks

Unified multi-cloud security policy engine
A single platform to design, deploy and manage security policies across your multi-cloud infrastructure

Leverage native cloud controls
Centrally and standardize management of each cloud’s native control set (“Controller of Controllers”)

Proactive alerting & risk analysis
Automated real-time analysis & notifications to identify and remediate any high-risk access & connectivity configurations

Security policy injection into CI/CD automation pipelines
Ensure new cloud resources are deployed in accordance with corporate security and compliance policy via DevOps toolchain integrations

Centralized reporting & compliance
Enterprise-wide security policy and reporting engine for “continuous compliance” across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments

No resource footprint
Security policy management & automation for all of your cloud environments, with no agents of sidecars required

Support for every public cloud asset and service
Support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, providing visibility and policy automation for all cloud services and assets

Network & app-level visibility into all assets, services, and security controls
Automated policy design & deployment
Unified dashboard to ID risk across all clouds & enviros

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