End-to-end visibility in multi-cloud environments

Multi-cloud adoption is a common approach in digital transformation initiatives. However, using different cloud providers causes complex networks with mismatched rules and policies that are difficult to manually enforce. We help you gain visibility into assets, services, and N/S and E/W traffic across this multi-cloud architecture.

Tufin provides you with app-level and network-level visibility into the state and configuration of cloud-based firewalls and security groups. You can see policy violations in real time with the ability to rapidly troubleshoot misconfigurations that expose you to operational and cyber risk.

Is cloud adoption actually a catalyst for better security? Experts from Accenture, Palo Alto and Tufin discuss…

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Centralize multi-cloud security policy management.

Tufin centralizes cloud segmentation policy planning and management across public cloud and private cloud instances accelerating your ability to implement and optimize zero-trust architecture that enforces least-privilege access. Security teams can quickly build consistent policies that dictate N/S and E/W traffic within and among segments, then manage those policies automatically.

Avoid vendor lock-in and simplify consistent management across cloud security solutions. We are a catalyst for your multi-cloud strategy, withs support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Application Connectivity Management.

Tufin provides an intuitive user interface and real-time visibility into and control over all apps and traffic flows. App owners can easily manage application-critical connectivity based on their understanding of access requirements, with only minimal required knowledge of network topology or firewall and router policies.

Tufin automatically translates access requirements into security policy changes on the relevant firewalls via a process that is fully transparent to both cybersecurity and application teams. This is just another way Tufin enables multi-team collaboration and maintains a state of continuous compliance within hybrid cloud environments.

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Integrate security guardrails into your CI/CD automation pipelines.

Tufin bridges visibility and process gaps that exist between network and cloud security teams to enable consistent workload deployment and configuration management across the enterprise. We offer a SaaS solution, SecureCloud, that integrates with the DevOps toolchain to ensure multi-cloud deployments remain compliant with security policy.

Tufin will alert on access changes that violate segmentation policies and proactively block the changes pre-deployment. This simple step can vastly reduce cloud infrastructure risk for your organization while trimming workload.

Virtually eliminate manual audit prep tasks.

Leverage a central console for monitoring, maintaining and proving continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies across firewalls and routers, SDN, hybrid cloud environments and multi-cloud environments.

Tufin generates security audit reports on demand. Reports can be easily automated, based on criteria, such as business area, firewall vendors, cloud service providers, time periods, and geographic regions.

Achieve faster troubleshooting for rapid remediation.

Tufin facilitates root cause identification for change-related outages or unexpected behavior. A side-by-side comparison of all policy revisions across all monitored devices highlights rule changes and provides additional information as to who made the change, when, and whether there’s a comment or a reference associated with it.

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