IT Security Auditors

  • Dramatically reduces repetitive, manual tasks
  • Shortens audit preparation times up to 70%
  • Automates one-time or periodic audits at multiple customer sites
  • Improves communication with customers and regulators
  • Delivers proven compliance with corporate, industry and regulatory standards
The Challenge

Security audits are becoming a standard part of the corporate IT landscape. As concerns over network security grow, more organizations are required to perform regular audits and demonstrate compliance with corporate, regulatory and industry standards. Yet firewalls are some of the most complex devices in the IT landscape, and the configuration of firewall policies is constantly changing.

For independent auditors, locating and analyzing all of the relevant content is a lengthy project involving a great deal of painstaking manual labor.  Auditors need automated solutions that can rapidly process vast amounts of information and quickly pinpoint areas that need to be addressed. As the landscape grows more competitive, auditors also need to stand out from the crowd with unique, value-added services.

The Solution

Tufin Orchestration¬†Suite enables IT security auditors to quickly and efficiently perform compliance audits for their customers. The solution provides a set of customizable audit reports that rapidly assess the organization’s security risk posture, it’s compliance with standards, and the health of the security policies deployed on the network.

The Tufin solution for auditors features special single-use licensing that enables you and your enterprise customers to benefit from the power of Tufin’s auditing and compliance features upon demand, or periodically – as required.



  • Security Risk Report: Checks the organizations current security risk profile including historical trends.
  • Rule and Object Usage Analysis: Analyzes the policy of a security device and identifies rule and object usage statistics, rule shadowing, and more.
  • PCI DSS Audit: Checks compliance with the latest credit card data security standard.
  • Best Practice audit: Checks conformance with vendor and industry best practices for clear, maintainable policies.
  • Corporate compliance audit: Checks conformance to corporate policy as defined by white lists, black lists, and business continuity requirements.
  • Firewall operating system baseline comparison: Checks the configuration of the firewall device operating system.