Cloud Network Security Automation

Public cloud technologies enable organizations to develop with greater velocity and agility, but they demand a comprehensive and unified network security policy strategy.  Enter Tufin.

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Cloud network security automation has become business-critical for a number of reasons:    

  • Organizations often use many cloud platforms and services, each with their own native security configurations. Without full visibility and a centralized policy engine to automate and manage the control plane for each cloud platform and service, risky and non-compliant configurations are difficult to prevent.
  • Cloud resources are deployed constantly, by a variety of people. Cloud architects, DevOps, app owners, developers, network admins, and others often provision cloud infrastructure; without a policy-driven approach that all team members follow, this new infrastructure can easily be spun-up in a high-risk or non-compliant manner.
  • Automation is an essential part of cloud operations. The use of Infrastructure-as-Code is foundational to DevOps/GitOps, and is a primary reason cloud operations can be so agile. But if DevOps/GitOps automation pipelines are not automatically evaluating builds and configurations against approved security policies, organizations expose themselves to potential risk of breach and non-compliance.
  • Containerization is a powerful development model, enabling great agility and portability. But if not deployed in accordance with approved security policy - application integrity, availability, and compliance are in jeopardy.

Tufin Cloud provides cloud security professionals the unified solution they need to automate cloud security across their infrastructure, no matter how diverse or complex.

Ensure cloud infrastructure is built and configured according to security standards by automatically comparing against policy during the automation process

API-level integration with popular CI/CD tools

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