Network security audit readiness

Ensure audit readiness with demonstration and documentation of adherence to regulations and internal policies including workflows, change history, approvals and exceptions. 

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Compliance solutions for network security

The cost of failing to comply with industry regulations directly impacts the bottom line for any industry and may present a security risk. The growing complexity of the fragmented network and the regulatory demands make network audit preparation a painstaking, labor-intensive activity that can take weeks.

Leverage a central console for monitoring, maintaining and proving continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies across firewalls and routers, SDN and hybrid cloud. Adopt a proactive approach to ensure ongoing audit readiness and protection from cyberthreats.

MONEXT was able to reduce complexity, audit efforts and the number of firewall rules (by up to 20%) within only 3 months of deploying Tufin.

Tufin has enabled us to achieve continuous compliance with PCI DSS for our Cisco and Check Point firewalls, and to cut audit preparation time in half.
Leader for Systems, Network and Telecom at Monext

Benefits of using Tufin

“You can’t secure what you can’t see”. Tufin provides a comprehensive solution to visualize and control security configurations across physical networks and hybrid cloud environments.

Cut the time and efforts of audit preparation

Tufin customers report cutting down audit preparations from over a month to 1-2 days with automated reporting across the hybrid network, a fully documented change process, and a proactive risk analysis that identifies and manages violations even before they are implemented.

Tighten network security with consistent policy compliance

Reduce security risks by adhering to a consistent network segmentation policy proactively instead of remediating violations only prior to an audit.

Simplify demonstrating network compliance to auditors and management

Tufin allows you to monitor, control and troubleshoot misconfigurations across all leading firewalls, routers and switches, SDN, public clouds and containers.