Successfully supporting enterprise accounts requires technical expertise that are delivered by Tufin’s global network of service delivery partners

Tufin Service Delivery Partners help customers successfully deploy, configure, customize, and maintain their Tufin Orchestration Suite™ (TOS).  Our Service Delivery Partners (SDP) are Tufin-certified experts in Tufin Orchestration Suite and Security Policy Orchestration.  They work closely with our engineers to understand the best practices in implementation and configuration of TOS.

SDPs gain access to our deployment best practices and certification opportunities for their consultants, and receive ongoing support and enablement as part of a Tufin relationship.

The services enablement and certification of consultants differentiates our Service Delivery Partners, increases credibility with Tufin’s customer base, and provides additional service revenue streams.

Tufin offers two tiers for our Service Delivery Partners:


Service Delivery Partners deploy Tufin SecureTrack (ST) and SecureChange (SC).  They are Tufin-certified, and capable of configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining TOS in production environments 


Service Delivery + Partners provide the Service Delivery Partner capabilities, and the advanced ability to build and support TOS customizations.  Customizations include custom reports (ST/SC), import functions for offline devices, USP, zones and scripted conditions between steps in SecureChange.