Service Delivery Partner Requirements

  1. Complete Tufin technical training and pass the required exam(s)
  2. Attend a hands-on training session at Tufin (Tel Aviv, Israel OR Akron, Ohio)
    • Topics include Deployment Methodology, High Availability, Distributed Architecture, Device Client Troubleshooting, Revision Processing, Topology, USP, Zones, Performance Troubleshooting, Syslog Troubleshooting, Dynamic Assignment, Skip Step Conditions, and Design/Provisioning
  3. Complete lab exercises using Tufin deployment practices consisting of setup and troubleshooting TOS in a lab environment
  4. Accompany a Tufin professional services engineer (PSE) on at least one (1) customer implementation engagement
  5. Be accompanied (and supported) by a Tufin PSE on a partner-led implementation

Upon completion of Tufin Service Delivery Partner training, certified engineers will be able to demonstrate competency in designing and implementing a TOS environment including:

  • High Availability, Distributed Architecture, Topology, Monitoring Devices and System Performance
  • Debugging all device clients, syslog and HA/DA problems
  • Revision processing
  • Utilizing “Special” PS tools for deployment
  • Designing workflows, using SecureChange automation tools, troubleshooting
  • Debugging capabilities for ST/SC connectivity and workflow tools
  • Understanding of Skip Steps conditions
  • Setting Dynamic Assignment conditions
  • Excluding devices (i.e. route/switch topology devices) in SecureChange
  • Troubleshooting designer, provisioning, and results
  • Knowledge transfer to customer

Service Delivery Partner + Requirements


Prerequisite(s): Knowledge of scripting (e.g. Python) and experience in developing customization & integration software, using APIs and SQL

  1. Complete all Service Delivery Partner requirements
  2. Attend a four (4) day hands-on training session at Tufin (Tel Aviv, Israel OR Akron, Ohio), focused on customization and scripting
  3. Accompany a Tufin professional services engineer (PSE) on at least one (1) customer TOS customization engagement (potentially remote, via WebEx)

Upon completion of Tufin Service Delivery + training, certified engineers will display a mastery of Service Delivery capabilities, and be able to demonstrate:

  • Building TOS customizations, including custom reports for SecureTrack and SecureChange.
  • Scripting capabilities:
    • Conditions and automation between workflow steps
    • Import and maintain zones and USP
    • Imports from external IT service management (ITSM) technologies


  • Professional Services referral opportunities
  • Membership in our virtual bench – augment the staffing capacity of Tufin Professional Services to satisfy our customer requirements and timelines.
  • Access to Tufin best practices
  • Exclusive roadmap reviews and workshops
  • Exclusive PS team access, for sales support and enablement
  • Direct access to Level 2 support, with expedited SLAs
  • Preferential promotion
  • Access to Tufin Partner portal
  • Access to the Tufin Scripting “toolbox” (Service Delivery + only)

Designation Maintenance

To maintain Tufin Certified Services Partner accreditation your organization must meet the following requirements and remain in good standing:

  • Maintain validated knowledge/skills with a consistent minimum count of two (2) certified resources
  • Annually deliver a minimum of four (4) engagements OR provide one (1) reference/ case study
  • Deliver services in accordance with Tufin methodology
  • Maintain 90% positive or better customer survey results
  • Provide one (1) reference/ customer case study annually
  • Contribute to the Tufin Scripting “toolbox” (Service Delivery + only)
  • Independently support customizations (Service Delivery + only)