Posted on Feb 12th, 2018 by Ruvi Kitov

My partner and Tufin CTO Reuven Harrison and I are both former Check Point Software engineers, and Check Point and Tufin have a longstanding partnership. As such, it’s always a pleasure for the both of us to attend the Check Point Experience events. As luck would have it, we both had the honor of presenting this year. Reuven presented at CPX EMEA in Barcelona, and I presented at CPX Americas in Las Vegas. We took this opportunity to showcase Tufin’s Maturity Model, a six-stage process for network security policy management, which we developed with insight from customers, partners, and industry analysts. 

While our goal at Tufin is to develop innovative solutions that enable organizations to manage their networks, we’re on a mission to take that a step further. We want to have a greater impact on our customers’ success, and the Network Security Policy Management market as a whole.  We want to evangelize for the market and be the go-to source for information and guidance. This was our inspiration for creating the Maturity Model.

Each day, we talk to security professionals about their struggle to keep pace with the frequency of network security change requests, while at the same time trying to support business agility and maintain security. It’s no easy task. These customers recognize the value in policy-driven automation, but one of the most pressing questions we get is, “Where do I begin?” As advisors to these organizations, we wanted to develop a step-by-step process that they can build upon to reach the ultimate goal: Zero-Touch Automation. And it’s not just for users of Tufin Orchestration Suite. One of the best features of the Maturity Model is that it can be a guide for all security professionals at any stage in their adoption of automation solutions.

There’s a lot more to come regarding the Maturity Model as we continue to share this with security and network operations teams who are ready to fully adopt and implement policy-based automation and orchestration. Stay tuned as we develop more resources to help support the journey to Zero-Touch Automation.

Lastly, we’ll round out the Check Point Experience events in Singapore on February 27-March 1. If you’re at the show, be sure to stop by our booth, learn about the Maturity Model, and see a demo of Zero-Touch Automation in practice.