Tufin SecureCloud revolutionizes cloud security. Companies no longer need to compromise agility for security. Leverage SecureCloud’s policy-centric automation-based approach to secure your journey to the cloud. Gain confidence knowing your cloud-native, hybrid cloud, and Kubernetes applications are properly configured and secure.

SecureCloud is a major new addition to the Tufin Orchestration Suite, the only platform that unifies security policy management across on-premises, cloud-native, and hybrid clouds.

Visibility and control

Automatically discover and visualize workloads with SecureCloud’s automated policy discovery. Visualize all assets deployed, configurations, and security settings with SecureCloud’s application centric topology view. Understand who is talking to whom and what is talking to what to detect policy violations and ensure only trusted workloads and traffic are permitted. 

SecureCloud dashboard

Fast detection and mitigation

SecureCloud automatically detects and alerts on unauthorized communication to mitigate risk and enforce security compliance. Integrates with SIEM and messaging systems (e.g. Slack) to notify security teams of misconfigurations and non-compliant applications.

Shift-left network security

Balance security and agility without disrupting agile processes by embedding security into DevOps CI/CD pipelines (shift-left). SecureCloud natively integrates with DevOps to provide application network traffic risk analysis. Discovering and fixing security issues early in the development cycle resolves conflicts between security and development, and accelerates delivery of trusted, secure applications.

Generate, test, and enforce microsegmentation

Automatically define and enforce microsegmentation and policy guardrails based on workloads and application context. Provide full visibility into east-west and north-south traffic to prevent noncompliant communications and reduce attack surface. Automatically configure and apply security policies to workloads that comply with least-privileges principle to secure workloads across hybrid clouds.

Ensure continuous compliance

Gain confidence in knowing cloud resources and applications are properly configured and comply with established policies. SecureCloud continuously monitors containers, public cloud services, and firewalls to detect security violations and automatically alerts and blocks unauthorized communications to ensure continuous compliance and uninterrupted application availability and business continuity.

Enable a zero trust security model

Visibility and microsegmentation are key to building a Zero Trust security model. SecureCloud continuously monitors activities in your environment and automatically creates and enforces microsegmentation policies to reduce your attack surface.

Accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation without compromise

Business goals and digital transformation efforts are best met when DevOps and security teams can function most efficiently and effectively. SecureCloud’s policy automation empowers DevOps and security teams by removing the need for introducing new processes or technologies that traditionally impact business agility and create friction. Balance agile, automated and secure with SecureCloud’s security policy automation.

Watch Forrester Analyst Discuss Kubernetes Security Challenges

Watch Andras Cser, VP & Principal Analyst Security and Risk Management, Forrester Research, discuss the challenges of managing container and Kubernetes security, controls needed, and best practices.

Get A Cloud Security Assessment In Minutes

SecureCloud analyzes public cloud and Kubernetes environments, without the need for complex agents or code changes. It takes less than 10 minutes to discover:

  • CIS Benchmark compliance – improve security posture through industry standard best practices.
  • Overly permissive rules – a leading cause of security breaches.
  • Risky ports – unexpected access points that need to be closed up.
  • Vulnerable and privileged containers – often overlooked settings attackers use to gain root access.

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