Tufin Cloud

One platform for network and cloud security pros to design, automate, and enforce network security policies across complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  

Real-time visibility

Visualize the application, service, and network-level topologies of your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, assets, services, traffic, and security configurations

Visualize the entire hybrid network in real-time
Automated risk analysis & violation alerting

Access and connectivity risk analysis

Identify high-risk configurations and analyze them against industry benchmarks and regulatory requirements

Intelligent security policy design

Deploy and automate access changes for cloud assets, services, platforms and clusters

Streamline policy design, validation and enforcement

CI/CD security automation

Inject security policy into DevOps automation pipelines to ensure compliant builds, service, and cluster configurations

Continuous compliance

Identify non-compliant network and cloud configurations via proactive alerts, and leverage a unified reporting engine to meet compliance requirements 

Empower network and cloud security teams to develop and deploy “end-to-end” security policy

Unify security policy across complex, heterogenous hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Accelerate application promotion and delivery by injecting security into CI/CD automation

Ensure and efficiently demonstrate compliance with proactive violation alerts

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