The Automation course covers aspects of SecureChange and SecureApp including automating day-to-day tasks, generating reports and managing application connectivity.


Students in this course have completed the TCSE Fundamentals course and earned their TCSE Fundamentals certification.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Automate changes in your network
  • Utilize Tufin reporting functionality to analyze changes
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of key concepts and functionalities of SecureApp
  • Perform application-driven automation of processes in your network

Course Topics

  • Change Analysis and Design
    • Creating an Automated Workflow
    • Adding Network Access Request
    • Executing Change Reports
  • Application-Driven Security Management
    • Introduction to SecureApp
    • Application Modelling and Visibility
    • Business Connectivity
    • Security and Compliance
  •  Zero-Touch Automation
    • Application Driven Automation
  • Lab and Certification


Download TCSE Training Fundamentals and Automation Brochure