TCSE Automation.


The Automation course covers aspects of SecureChange and the path from manual network security changes to a fully automated process. The course includes implementation of Firewall Admin Basic and Standard automation tools and a full deployment of an automated access request.


Students in this course have completed the TCSE Fundamentals course and earned their TCSE Fundamentals certification.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Build Workflow templates
  • Submit and handle change request tickets
  • Utilize Tufin’s advanced automation tools capabilities

Course Topics

  • Configuring and Customizing Workflows
    • Introduction to SecureChange
    • Workflow Creation and Basic Configuration
    • Designer - Advanced Options
    • Customizing Workflows
    • Policy Installation
  • Advanced Workflows
    • Group Modification
    • Rule Decommission
    • Rule Recertification
    • Rule Modification
    • Server Decommission
    • Server Policy Cloning
  • Executing Change Reports
  • Lab and Certification

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