Tufin's Preparedness Statement on COVID-19.

In this time of uncertainty, Tufin continues to closely watch the rapidly changing circumstances related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. As always, we are committed to the support and satisfaction of our clients, as well as the health and well-being of our clients, partners and employees.  We are taking measures to avoid interruptions to our supply chain and services and constantly prioritizing business continuity and agility, including throughout the pandemic period.

First, we’ve implemented a work from home policy for our employees and have ensured that all Tufin functions have proper and secure access to the systems that they need to perform their duties. In anticipation of this action, we successfully conducted companywide testing of our systems to ensure that we are fully prepared to operate remotely.

Second, we’ve postponed our planned in-person events (such as the Tufinnovate events we planned for Chicago and Budapest), while turning others into virtual events. We will share more details on that once those events are finalized

Our products are primarily software products, and as such, we do not expect a direct material impact of the coronavirus on our ability to deliver our product and services, and have implemented the following to ensure business continuity:

  1. We have formed a management oversight team that is overseeing our response to the pandemic.  The team is monitoring guidance from the WHO, CDC and government health officials in the regions that we operate.
  2. Some of our deployment and delivery services require our Professional Support teams to be onsite at the customer’s location. Given the significant restrictions on mobility, such onsite presence may be impacted. Tufin has broad experience in providing such Professional Services via communications and tools without necessarily having to be onsite, and has prepared the Professional Services teams to work remotely, if necessary. There may be certain cases in which Tufin will not be able to provide these services without onsite presence.
  3. Tufin Technical Support personnel operate from multiple support centers globally.  These centers provide redundancy to limit disruptions in service from a support perspective. Should mobility will be further impacted, Tufin Technical Support will continue to operate via the use of remote work and mobile communication and tools to ensure the continuous support of our customers.

All of us at Tufin realize that this global crisis puts an incredible strain on doing business as usual.  We are committed to maintaining the operation of Tufin products throughout our customers’ environment during this difficult time.  We will provide additional updates as the evolving situation dictates.

Ruvi Kitov
CEO and Co-founder, Tufin