The transportation sector is one that has come into the spotlight more and more in terms of network security recently. Between the concept (and experimentation) with automated cars, reported aviation breaches and the numerous attack options, this may be one of the most difficult sectors to secure. Included in the transportation umbrella are: aviation, highway infrastructure and motor carrier, maritime transportation system, mass transit and passenger rail, pipeline systems, freight rail and postal and shipping, each of which presents security challenges of their own.

One of the primary evolving security challenges within transportation includes a web of systems with integrated functions which are designed to work together within an information-sharing environment. However, if one function goes awry, what will happen to the entire network? The main challenge indicated by experts in the industry is in maintaining integration between this complex web of systems. And each sector of the transportation industry has its own set of regulations and standards. It’s crucial that network security managers have the appropriate tools and processes to assure business continuity by minimizing network and application downtime and reduce attack surface.

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