Why Tufin

With NGFWs from vendors like Cisco, CheckPoint, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet, organizations can take advantage of capabilities far beyond traditional firewalls, including integrated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), threat intelligence, and application awareness. However, large enterprise networks still face important unsolved cybersecurity problems, like a lack of visibility and a high level of complexity in managing security policy across multiple vendors, cloud environments, and devices. 

But not Tufin. With Tufin you get: 


You can’t secure it if you can’t see it. Unlock the power of comprehensive network visibility with Tufin. Our advanced security management platform allows you to: 

  • Enjoy unparalleled real-time visibility into network traffic and security policies, allowing you to detect and respond to potential threats instantly. 

  • Gain granular control over who accesses your network with Tufin’s access control capabilities, ensuring only authorized users. 

  • Implement a Zero Trust security model with Tufin, enhancing your data center and network security posture. 

  • Seamlessly integrate with leading cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, ensuring end-to-end visibility across your hybrid environment. 


Increase your productivity while assuring your security. Tufin offers options up to zero-touch to meet your network management needs, including: 

  • Semi-automated to fully-automated (zero-touch) provisioning. 

  • Automated threat prevention to proactively protect your network from malware, ransomware, zero-day hacks, and more. 

  • Stateful network firewalls that are your first line of defense against advanced threats and malware. 

  • High availability (HA) minimizes downtime and prevents data loss in the event of server failures or maintenance. 

  • Advanced application control. 

  • Threat prevention measures like URL filtering to control web access and prevent unauthorized browsing. 

  • Robust data center security solutions to protect your critical assets. 

  • Enhanced gateway security with advanced features and automation while streamlining management. 


Trust the company that protects some of the largest and most complex enterprise global networks in the world.  

Our cutting-edge platform includes: 

  1. Hyperscale security solutions protect networks (traditional on-premise to multi-cloud), data centers, and more from cyber attacks. 

  1. A unified security platform offers robust security services for public cloud deployments, including Azure, AWS and GCP cloud providers. 

  1. Granular network segmentation functionality provides enhanced security and control over network traffic, all manageable through an intuitive user interface. 

  1. Workload orchestration handles thousands of access and update requests. 

From traditional enterprise firewalls to public cloud security, we offer a holistic solution that adapts to your organization’s needs. Get the security features you need with Tufin so your infrastructure is ready to face the challenges of the digital era. 


How Does Tufin work with Panorama Firewall Management from Palo Alto Networks?

Tufin enhances the Panorama Firewall Management by offering centralized security policy management, real-time visibility, and automation. Benefits of this integration include reduced security risks, faster response to incidents, and improved compliance.

Does Tufin integrate Next Generation Firewalls with external IT infrastructure?

Tufin’s Out Of The Box API’s enable you to integrate your entire IT infrastructure for broad visibility, risk regulation, and project prioritization. Whether its your existing ITSM, SOAR, SIEM, threat protection systems etc. Tufin offers seamless integration, to ensure you are maximizing your security potential.

How does Tufin integrate with Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions?

Tufin provides real-time visibility into SD-WAN environments, allowing you to monitor network traffic, application usage, and security policies across the SD-WAN infrastructure. This visibility helps you gain insights into network performance and potential security issues.

Get the visibility and control you need to secure your enterprise.

Only Tufin provides automation and a unified security policy, from on-prem to cloud, across NetSec and DevOps.

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