Maximize business agility

Provide agility and security benefits throughout your organization by embedding policy guidance into your security workflows, compliance checks and DevOps pipeline. Unify security policies and set up guardrails to safely increase the speed of business.

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Improve business agility while enhancing security

Tufin helps organizations solve the agility + security challenge presented by growing network complexity, multi-vendor environments, migrations to the cloud, and DevOps business models.  With automation you can bring DevOps speed to network administration, and network security to DevOps; developers can remain focused on quickly developing and updating applications, while IT can remain focused on maintaining the availability and security of the network.  Support the agility of your organization while upholding security standards.

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Tufin adds value to our brand. We have end-customers who already know Tufin and request the Orchestration Suite and its reports... Implementing smaller changes now takes us about five minutes, larger changes about half an hour, depending on the size and complexity of the change.
Network Administrator, Fujitsu TDS GmbH Network Security Department

Benefits of using Tufin

Accelerate delivery of business applications while controlling network security risks, gaining security policy visibility, and empowering DevOps to securely deploy their code.

Accelerate delivery of business applications

By automating time-consuming steps in the network security change process, including risk analysis, design and provisioning, Tufin enables customers to set up connectivity in minutes instead of days.

Tighten security controls with automation

While automation improves overall agility, Tufin’s automated risk analysis also eliminates human error due to manual processes and ensures compliance with security mandates to prevent exposing the network to cyberattacks.

Empower application teams by hiding network complexity

Application teams can use Tufin to visualize, implement, and troubleshoot application connectivity without having knowledge of infrastructure, IP addresses and device configurations. This leads to faster delivery and higher client satisfaction and improves alignment with the business.

Leverage automated network security change workflows

Nearly every network access change involves complex implementation throughout multiple, multi-vendor firewalls, switches, and routers, as well as security groups. Doing it manually, without accurate network topology and automated tools, makes it impossible to handle tickets in a timely manner, without exposing the network to potential risks. Tufin SecureChange provides unlimited, fully customizable, access change automation workflows, including streamlining every step in the change process. This ensures a fast, accurate, secure and documented access change process, to prevent and expose otherwise hidden threats and risks in your organization.