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The Challenge

Federated Enterprise Networks Span Multiple IT Sites and Business Entities

Many large federated enterprises, such as companies after mergers and acquisitions (M&As), struggle with the challenge of IT cooperation between multiple business entities. In order to achieve shared business goals, a federated enterprise network should be aligned across all environments--physical networks and hybrid cloud. At the same time, the level of independence of the federated business entities and sites for IT business continuity must be maintained.

The Solution

Orchestrating Network Security Policies across the Federated Enterprise

Tufin Orchestration Suite  addresses the common issues that large enterprise IT organizations face when implementing network security and firewall policy changes. Tufin’s solution streamlines network security policy management across complex federated enterprises. It ensures data segregation, separation of tasks and network change integrity.

As a result, IT managers and network operation teams maintain control of the enterprise network and gain better cross-site collaboration, despite the underlying vendor, network and IT process differences. Plus, IT personnel in the separate business entities are free to continue with full independence in their respective lines of business.

Increasing Overall Network Integrity and Consistency

Tufin streamlines network security policy management across complex distributed enterprises. IT managers and network operation teams benefit from:

  • Accelerated cross-organizational network change implementation
  • Streamlined cross-entity collaboration and change policy tracking
  • Guaranteed operational, structural, and business independence
  • Maintaining existing business structures and processes – “as-is”
  • Ensured data segregation and separation
  • Increased overall network integrity and consistency


Federated Diagram