Solutions de Gestion des Politiques de Sécurité

Restez agile, compétitif et sécurisé dans des réseaux hybrides de plus en plus fragmentés et complexes grâce à Tufin, le leader de la gestion des politiques de sécurité réseau en entreprise.


Does Tufin’s network security policy management solution work on cloud firewalls too?

Yes, Tufin allows you to centralize the management and automation of on-premises and cloud firewalls within a single console. It’s also provides centralized policy management for cloud-native assets and connectivity management for applications.

What should I look for in a network security policy management solution?

Not all security policy management solutions are the same. If you’re an enterprise, look for one that can scale easily to support thousands of different security endpoints, provide network visibility across multicloud environments, automatic day-to-day tasks (e.g., policy creation, firewall configuration, rule cleanup), provide real-time monitoring and risk analysis, and prioritizes security remediation measures.

What are the benefits of Tufin’s end-to-end network security management solution?

Tufin’s single, centralized security policy management framework provides a number of benefits for enterprises including a reduced attack surface, less network downtime, faster response to audit and compliance requests, less time spent on operational tasks, fewer manual errors due to misconfigurations, and faster detection and correction of cybersecurity risks.