Compliance Officers

  • Proactively enforces corporate security policies
  • Alerts to all possible compliance violations
  • Slashes audit preparation time by as much as 70%
  • Delivers continuous compliance with regulatory standards
  • Improves network security and reduces risk
  • Assures business continuity and application availability
The Challenge

Managing network security for today’s enterprise has become a complex, resource-intensive operation involving tens – or even hundreds – of firewalls, routers and switches. Security teams handle dozens of configuration changes every day to network devices that are often located at distributed sites and maintained by multiple teams.

For Compliance Officers, keeping a clear view of the network security posture at all times is virtually impossible. To make matters worse, preparing for audits is a painstaking, time-consuming process that often takes weeks. Remediating problems discovered during the audit often takes months. The result is that for many organizations, achieving compliance with corporate and regulatory standards is a long, uphill journey.

To achieve the true purpose of security standards, organizations must transition to continuous compliance. Compliance offers need total visibility along with proactive means to monitor, enforce and report on compliance posture at all times.

The Solution

Tufin provides Compliance Officers with the ability to achieve continuous compliance for their organizations, along with swift, painless periodic audits.

We offer a comprehensive solution for the enterprise that enables Compliance Officers to ensue continuous compliance throughout the network security operation. With Tufin, you can define a customer corporate compliance policy. Every change that is made is compared to the policy and an alert is sent in case of violation and it takes minutes to generate built-in compliance audit reports for standards such as PCI DSS 3.0 and Sarbanes Oxley.