An organization looking to get the most out of its move to Azure must find ways to address the security challenges that come with hybrid, multi-cloud enterprises. With data and applications residing outside the data center and a massive increase in network traffic due to things like video conferencing and work from home, network security visibility and processes are more fragmented than ever before.

NetSec and CloudSec teams require access to each other’s environments and holistic processes to manage security policies across the entire estate, yet they lack end-to-end visibility and operationalized collaboration. This undermines the value of moving to the cloud — speed and agility.

Join Yuval Perry, Product Manager, Microsoft Azure, Alon Buteliano, Product Manager, Tufin & Erika Lee, VP Solution Marketing, Tufin for a session that explores best practices on:

• Simplifying and automating network security management across on-prem and cloud
• Unifying teams to reduce workload
• Accelerating SLAs and overcoming staffing shortages