Cloud adoption is an absolute must for organizations in the age of digital transformation, alongside the great benefits of cloud security often face challenged of visibility and control in the complex hybrid network.

The first challenge most security teams encounter is limited visibility into public cloud platforms, you cannot secure what you cannot see, and limited visibility of security configurations can be very risky.

The next challenge is securing configurations in the cloud; security teams are responsible for keeping data and applications in the cloud secure and ensuring continues compliance with internal policy and industry regulations.

The need for agility and speed, demands new security procedures that do not delay business delivery. Security teams are required to incorporate security and policy compliance into DevOps processes, or they risk being bypassed.

So, if you are faced with the complexity of hybrid networks, don’t make it more complex with multiple management systems. Instead, try Tufin and gain the cost saving and simple troubleshooting in a single pane of glass, for monitoring and management. Tufin solution for cloud provides customers with visibility, continuous compliance with security standards, and automated risk analysis that can be incorporated into DevOps. Tufin is a single console, for orchestrating security policy across physicals networks and hybrid cloud.