Monext’s Laurent Klefstad Speaks With Security Current.

Listen to this podcast to hear how MONEXT was able to reduce complexity, audit efforts and the number of firewall rules (by up to 20%) within only 3 months of deploying Tufin.

In this Tufin-sponsored podcast, IBM’s David Cass talks with Monext’s Laurent Klefstad, Leader for Systems, Network and Telecom, about automated security policy orchestration and how it allows the French company to save time and money by reducing the complexity of its networks and firewalls.

Klefstad explains how Monext’s implementation of the Tufin solution provided Monext continuous compliance and the ability to reduce its firewall rules, of which there were about 3,000, by upwards of 20 percent. He also talks ROI, staffing implications and business enablement.

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