1. The speaker
    1. Anthony Rodgers, Director of Enterprise Solution Design Services, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, State of MI
    2. Anthony’s department’s scope of responsibilities include to enable a government to work for Michigan’s 10 million residents
  2. Which aspects of NIST does Tufin help us meet?
    1. Tufin helps the State of MI meet many NIST 800-53 controls
    2. Specifically the NIST requirements highlighted in orange, including
      1. Enforcing approved authorizations
      2. Authorizes internal connections
      3. Documentation
      4. Establishes a traffic flow policy
    3. Tufin helps manage a complex regulatory environment
  3. Challenges we had to overcome
    1. Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork
    2. Transition compliance from a command-and-control environment to trust-but-verify
    3. Eliminate manual dependencies to find mistakes
    4. Moving away from “paper-like” processes
    5. Achieving security guardrails, control and consistency, at scale
  4. Security changes in minutes, not days through eliminating manual processing
    1. Over 4 months, average days to implement a network access change request decreased from an average of 5.1 to less than 1 day
    2. Even while access change request volumes increased from 25-50% due to Covid-19
  5. Fixed firewall management issues through a standardized set of service rules
    1. Defined guardrails or data communication standards based on pre-approved rules
      1. For example enterprise services that may be consumed by an endpoint
    2. Eliminated redundant and inconsistent rules
    3. Eliminated guess work
    4. Simplified access change requests for users
  6. Tufin helps eliminate manual processes to increase productivity and accuracy
    1. Removed manual steps
    2. Supported the addition and incorporation of new technologies
    3. Unified siloes and encouraged shared responsibility by eliminating “throw it over the wall” to the cloud team, or IPS team, or Azure team through automated workflows and transparent policy standards
  7. Implementing 3 modules of Tufin Orchestration Suite
    1. Tufin SecureTrack
      1. Create guardrails that keep individual rule requests within standards
      2. Automatically validates rule compliance & implementation
      3. Detect and remediate access changes that did not go through the approval and validation process
    2. Tufin SecureChange
      1. Automate and orchestrate the right rule, on the right firewall, on the right platform
      2. Eliminate sending remedy tickets off to multiple teams
      3. Eliminates typo / manual input errors
      4. Automates clean up – eliminate obsolete and shadowed rules
    3. Tufin SecureApp
      1. Shift from a Layer 3 to Layer 7 view of connectivity
      2. Describe business applications similar to how described in our data communication standard and have a complete picture of a business application connectivity