The Environment

Salt River Project case study

Salt River Project (SRP) is the largest provider of power and water in the metro Phoenix area, and the second largest in Arizona. In order to implement streamlined processes and technology controls, while maintaining secure access to business-critical applications over an expanding network infrastructure, SRP needed a standardized framework for managing firewall policy changes.

The Challenge

SRP had three objectives for implementing a firewall management solution:

The Solution

“Tufin’s SecureTrack was the only solution SRP evaluated that met its technical requirements. Within a few hours of deploying SecureTrack SRP started to receive useful change reports that gave them their needed visibility into existing firewall policies. It now provides them with reports on the effectiveness of existing rules and helped identify questionable, obsolete, or conflicting policies.”

“We recognized right away that SecureTrack could make our daily security operations work much easier. Within a few hours of deploying the product, we were receiving useful rule usage reports that gave us the visibility we needed to immediately streamline operations. Working with a smaller, crisper rule base rule is less taxing on both the team and the firewalls themselves.” Tim Weid, Salt River Project

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Customer Benefits

SecureTrack has been a smart investment for us. I would estimate that we have reduced the time we spend on firewall maintenance, reporting clean up and auditing by 50 to 60 percent. Its greater value is in the actual simplicity of using the product and the ease at which it tracks changes – by use, by rule, and by policy. Thanks to Tufin, we now have a very good self-assessment of where we are with firewall rule changes, plus the day to day tracking of who is doing what, and from where. Now that we know where we stand at any given moment, the audit process is much faster and easier.” Jim Heyen, Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect

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