Tufin CTO predicts changes including integration of IT and security operations, the emergence of the application infrastructure manager and a move to network orchestration

Tufin Technologies, the market-leading provider of security policy orchestration solutions, today announced its predictions for change within the network security operations of enterprises in 2014. Reuven Harrison, Tufin’s CTO and co-founder, believes that the next few years will see major changes in the way networks and security are operated and managed. Key changes predicted by the company are:

  • More integrated IT security and operations – IT security and general IT operations have traditionally been managed separately but will now become more integrated and less siloed. An intense threat landscape is emerging alongside the increasing need for business agility that requires constant change. This means faster, more agile and more automated business processes. Orchestration of IT and security processes are key to business success and will enable organizations to deploy applications faster, more accurately and with increased security.
  • The emergence of the application infrastructure manager – The role of network and security operations has been evolving over the past few years. Many administrators are already experiencing the change through new sets of people and business collaborations such as virtualization, servers and applications. As almost every aspect of the business uses enterprise applications like ERP, supply chain management or financial transactions, this trend will accelerate in 2014 so much that a new role will come into existence – an application-infrastructure manager. This job will require networking, security, virtualization and application expertise to bridge the infrastructure needs of the company with the needs of the DevOps teams working on these applications.
  • Management of network infrastructure will become orchestrated – Orchestrated infrastructure management will become the next big thing for automated change management. With the increasing complexity and frequency of changes brought on by virtualization and the Cloud, orchestration is quickly gaining momentum in network security circles within the enterprise.   Orchestration solutions can automatically provision changes to relevant devices and systems that rely on having current and accurate security policy data while automating tedious and painful manual network configuration change processes, all while being able to control the process which is crucial to maintain network security.

Reuven Harrison, CTO, Tufin commented: “We’re seeing the proliferation of virtualization and the cloud, along with emerging technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and software defined data centers and new business models that rely, more than ever on applications. This combined with recent announcements by vendors including VMWare, Palo Alto, Cisco and F5, will set the stage for several disruptive shifts in network security operations over the next year or so.”

He continued: “Enterprises have quickly accelerated their operations, enabling them to deploy applications faster. So with the orchestration train having left the station and organizations becoming increasingly application-focused, businesses must now embrace major change in the way their networks are managed to enable much faster business agility or risk losing competitive edge.”

The Tufin Orchestration Suite™ exemplifies Tufin’s vision for Security Policy Orchestration, a new paradigm for automated implementation of network infrastructure changes across heterogeneous environments. Security Policy Orchestration goes beyond traditional configuration of individual firewalls. It improves operations collaboration between systems, integrates with different network security devices and enhances automation that enables network engineers to efficiently and accurately share policy data with new stakeholders.

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Tufin (NYSE: TUFN) simplifies management of some of the largest, most complex networks in the world, consisting of thousands of firewall and network devices and emerging hybrid cloud infrastructures. Enterprises select the company’s Tufin Orchestration Suite™ to increase agility in the face of ever-changing business demands while maintaining a robust security posture. The Suite reduces the attack surface and meets the need for greater visibility into secure and reliable application connectivity. With over 2000 customers since its inception, Tufin’s network security automation enables enterprises to implement changes in minutes instead of days, while improving their security posture and business agility. 

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