Tufin and ServiceNow

Tufin has developed integrated solutions to integrate the SecureChange automated workflows with any ITSM with REST APIs, including for ServiceNow. Integrating SecureChange workflows with ServiceNow enables SecureChange customers to provide their customers with the ability to submit change requests in an interface that they are already familiar while enabing SecureChange users to manage the change analysis, risk assessment, change design and provisioning, and audit tracking through SecureChange. Any workflow in SecureChange such as access change request, server cloning, server decomm, or customer configured workflows follow their automated steps while providing updates to the ticket status in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow and SecureChange customers can utilize Tufin Professional Services to assist in the design and implementation of the integration, or use Tufin’s ServiceNow integration application available in the ServiceNow store.

Benefits of integrating SecureChange with ServiceNow can include automatic:

  • Ticket creation in SecureChange and step progression pushed to ServiceNow
  • Rejection and closure of tickets if the access requested is already available
  • Routing of managerial approval through integration with LDAP
  • Criteria-based ticket creation for vulnerability remediation or other security tools
  • Single source of truth maintenance in ServiceNow while retaining all policy audit trails in SecureChange to ensure audit readiness

Download the free Tufin integration app from the ServiceNow store or the Tufin Workflow Integrator extension.

See how the integration works in this video.

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