Why should I be interested in the Tufin MSSP program?

If you’re an MSSP focused on extending your network security services offerings around multi-vendor firewalls, you can benefit from adding Tufin’s industry-leading Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) technology capabilities to your services portfolio with a convenient, consumption-based usage and billing model.

Does Tufin support multi-tenancy?

Yes. True multi-tenancy is a foundational capability of Tufin’s offering. We ensure segregation between customers, data, analysis and reporting per client, as well as network topology by customer domain.

What’s the difference between Tufin and another vendor’s firewall management console?

Tufin Orchestration Suite abstracts the security policy from each individual firewall vendor into a single pane of glass for greater visibility across your customers’ entire network.  This multi-vendor approach provides comprehensive firewall management with automated risk analysis and connectivity troubleshooting to lower your cost of firewall management while increasing your services revenue opportunity.

By offering Tufin as a Service, you can better analyze each customer’s security posture, provide a comprehensive topology map for path and connectivity analysis, automate changes and ensure they are made according to compliance mandates and segment the network according to a unified security policy. Other advantages include real-time change management, policy cleanup and optimization, automated remediation and rule provisioning and improved audit preparedness.

Why will it be easy for my company to do business with Tufin? 

  • You will have direct access to Tufin’s dedicated, worldwide director specialized in MSSP business requirements and challenges.
  • “Pay-per-use model enables you to financially align with the way you receive revenue from your customers.
  • No upfront payment on licenses is required.
  • You will receive strong technical assistance for implementation and support.
  • Zero administrative overhead is incurred when adding, removing or replacing licenses.
  • Tufin’s MSSP Dashboard provides 24/7 granular visibility of usage and costs.
  • Dedicated MSSP online Learning Management System (LMS) provides flexibility, quick knowledge transfers and speed to certification.
  • Tufin offers a preferred level of 24-hour enhanced support.

How will offering services though Tufin’s platform increase my business?

Offering high value security services for maintaining continuous compliance and reducing the attack surface is crucial to your customers. Tufin enables you to substantially reduce your firewall management costs while increasing revenue opportunities by replacing current manual and error-prone tasks with automated processes such as policy optimization and cleanup, as well as rule recertification.

Tufin as a Service will enable you to provide your customers with the visibility they need to pass audits by automatically documenting every change, which includes who made a change, when, why and whether that change adheres to the security policy.

Why do my customers need security policy management?

Networks are complex and becoming more fragmented. A lack of visibility across the network to understand if changes are adhering to security policy, combined with the use of manual processes, results in mistakes and misconfigurations. These errors can lead to downtime, increase the attack surface and make it impossible to maintain compliance. A unified security policy is the key to increasing operational efficiency and creating a more secure network.

Why change what I do today?

  • Manual changes are a costly use of your resources and are a leading cause of connectivity losses and breaches. Automating the change process improves your overall business model.
  • It’s hard to find qualified staff. Automation enables you to offer a higher level of service to your customers while gaining greater efficiency from your current staff.
  • Proving compliance is a painstaking task. To ensure that your customers’ changes are adhering to compliance requirements, security policy automation is essential.
  • Your business should grow alongside your customers and provide real value through flexible services that ensure security with increased business agility.
  • You want to differentiate your services from your competitor.

What benefits will my company gain by offering Tufin as part of our services portfolio?

  • Provide a new consultative and billable security service to your customers.
  • Automated services save you time and resources that can be applied elsewhere.
  • Unifying security policy will enhance your overall security messaging and offering:
    • Save time for your engineers
    • Provide greater visibility and control over the security framework
    • Lower your liability exposure
    • Provide more value to your customers
  • No paperwork when moving licenses between customers.
  • No POs needed for adding additional licenses.
  • Self-service, real-time MSSP portal.
  • Consumption-based, pay-per-use model means no hidden fees and no payment required for trade-ins, co-terming license expiry dates or adding licenses.

What add-on services are available using Tufin as a Service?

  • Consultancy services
  • Firewall cleanup
    • Unused rules and objects
    • Shadowed rules
    • Risky rules
  • Policy optimization
    • Set rule order by frequency used
    • Tighten security on rules and policies
  • Firewall performance improvement
  • Reduction of attack surface
  • Set base compliance
  • Continuous audit readiness
  • Automated change tracking
  • Automated server decommissioning
  • Automated rule recertification
  • *Special feature: easily migrate Cisco ASA firewalls to Cisco Firepower

What are the technical prerequisites?

All MSSPs will be required to be certified in the following:

  • Tufin MSSP certification
  • Technical support capabilities

Which MSSPs are a great fit for Tufin’s MSSP Program?

  • You provide services to several customers and manage over 50 firewalls.
  • A service that can easily scale to tens of thousands of firewalls if required is preferred.
  • Your focus is aimed at expanding your security offering to ensure your customers are making changes according to security policy.
  • You want the ability to add revenue by simply including, cross-selling or up-selling a valuable security service to your customers.
  • You want to invest in validated, industry-leading technology on behalf of your customer offerings.
  • You need a 24-hour premium level support structure.

How will Tufin as a Service help my customers meet compliance requirements?

All your customers need to pass their audits, and they need you to help them. If every change is documented according to security policy, you can not only assure your customers are continuously compliant, you can prove it when audit time comes around. Tufin allows you to set baseline compliance rules and ensure change requests are provisioned according to PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC and more.