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Infoblox empowers organizations to securely manage their on-premises, cloud and hybrid networks through a single pane of glass. The joint Tufin integration allows users to create and/or update USP zones with IP information maintained by Infoblox. Infoblox supplies SecureTrack IP and organizational info that can accelerate the creation and updating of Unified Security Policy zones. These dynamic updates ensure that the network policy on devices is in alignment with the desired state of best practices and compliance.

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Learn more about the Tufin and IPAM Integration for network segmentation.

Developing and maintaining effective network segmentation strategy requires the ability to determine the impact of changes within network segments against your security policy and assess for risk.

This video demonstrates the value of integrating Infoblox’s Grid Manager, a TufinReady certified product, and Tufin Orchestration Suite’s SecureTrack to ensure the zones in SecureTrack reflect all recent changes to the networks onboarded, changed, and offboarded in Infoblox. Learn how networks created in Infoblox’s Grid Manager populate, update, and delete from SecureTrack zones, how the Unified Security Policy provides violations and alerting over risky changes, and other advanced change automation use cases. Integrating SecureTrack with your IPAM makes your network segmentation effective and adherence to security policy consistently measurable.