IBM Security SOAR (formerly Resilient)

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Efficiency and agility are the key components to preventing as well as responding to cyber-attacks. Drawing intelligence from the diverse security devices in the infrastructure to enable the security operations team’s comprehensive decision making is the highlight of functionality provided by IBM Resilient.

IBM Security SOAR helps security teams create and manage playbooks that codify industry best practices and internal procedures.

These dynamic playbooks reduces the manual steps in incident response with orchestration and automation with third party vendors, which can be invoked at any step in the IR process.

Tufin SecureTrack, SecureChange and SecureApp provides customers with a fine-grain view of the security and compliance posture of their network security devices, application context and the ability to automate change management to remediate risky configurations. Details regarding the network access, path analysis, compliance status, device inventory and blast radius are some of the use cases that are made available as playbooks to IBM Security SOAR by Tufin, thus enabling the security analysts to correlate and view incidents from the viewpoint of the network.

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