Harness the vast amount of network intelligence from Tufin Orchestration Suite, and combine it with the automation, orchestration and measurement power of DFLabs IncMan, for a faster and more efficient response to computer security incidents.

DFLabs IncMan is a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform that enables organizations to orchestrate response activities and automate response actions across the wide range of security platforms found in most large enterprises. DFLabs IncMan utilizes its integration with Tufin Orchestration to provide context gather actionable information during complex security incidents to better inform the incident response process.

In this video, we will demonstrate the integration between Tufin and DFLab’s Incman. With Tufin’s awareness of network security policy, users of IncMan can enrich their security investigations with up to date policy information to bring enhanced context and accelerate the resolution of incidents. 

Visit www.dflabs.com to learn more.

RSAC 2019 Partnership & Integration Video

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