Tufin SecureCloud revolutionizes cloud security. Companies no longer need to compromise agile for secure, or secure for agile. Leverage SecureCloud’s policy-centric automation-based approach to secure your journey to the cloud. Gain confidence knowing your cloud-native, hybrid cloud, and Kubernetes applications are properly configured and secure.

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SecureCloud delivers:

  • Real-time visibility of all cloud assets, services, and security configurations. Leverage app and service-level views to analyze how North/South and East/West traffic is permitted to flow, and evaluate access and connectivity settings across entire cloud environments.
  • Security access policy engine to design access and connectivity rules for every cloud asset and service, and deploy security policies across your environment via your public cloud’s native security controls (i.e. without adding another control plane that slows performance and consumes valuable compute resources).
  • Real-time policy and compliance violation alerts continuously compare cloud security configurations against industry benchmarks (e.g. CIS) and regulatory frameworks to rapidly identify and remediate violations. Proactive alerting prevents new cloud infrastructure from being spun-up without appropriate security configurations.
  • Comprehensive multi-cloud support enables centralized security policy management. Support for your native IAM, security groups, firewall protocols and other native controls ensures no configuration can avoid rigorous analysis against your established/approved policies.
  • DevOps and CI/CD toolchain integration to validate new builds and configurations against policy during the build process. API-level integrations with popular CI/CD tools enable you to easily build security into your workflows without sacrificing speed or agility.
  • An enterprise-grade SaaS solution with no agents or sidecars required, so you can automate and manage security policies across your cloud deployments without consuming valuable compute resources.

Get A Cloud Security Assessment In Minutes

SecureCloud analyzes public cloud and Kubernetes environments, without the need for complex agents or code changes. It takes less than 10 minutes to discover:

  • CIS Benchmark compliance – improve security posture through industry standard best practices.
  • Overly permissive rules – a leading cause of security breaches.
  • Risky ports – unexpected access points that need to be closed up.
  • Vulnerable and privileged containers – often overlooked settings attackers use to gain root access.

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A Practical Guide to Security

This guide explores these challenges and offers factors leading to cloud security struggles, the five major roadblocks to avoid, process, policy and platform changes that address these challenges