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Track firewall rule changes simultaneously for both VMware NSX-v & NSX-T combined with other leading multi-vendor firewall device policy changes – all from a single dashboard!

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Tufin Firewall Change Tracker is a free tool for real-time monitoring of multiple vendor’s firewalls, public cloud security groups and SDN policy changes, all from a single dashboard.  The program runs on your local VM – Tufin has no visibility of, or access to, your network, policies, users, configurations, IPs or settings.

Installation requirements:

  • VMware ESX VM
  • CPU: 8 core
  • Memory: 16G RAM
  • Disk Space: 128G


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With the Firewall Change Tracker, you can:

  • Quickly discover what changes were made, by whom, when, and why
  • View real-time rule changes for NSX-v DFWs, NSX-T DFWs, and NSX Edge devices
  • Track what service/s were added, removed, deleted, or modified
  • Detect object changes in groups
  • Detect device configuration changes
  • Generate rule change reports for audit preparation 




This short video that explains the Firewall Change Tracker installation process.

View new added service in NSX-T

View revision history for NSX-T DFW

View revision history for NSX-v DFW