Self service

Improve Collaboration with Self Service

With an intuitive user interface, SecureApp finally makes it possible for application teams and network teams to communicate effectively. Application teams use a simple interface to define and update their application’s resources and dependencies, while network engineers handle automatically generated change tickets. Through an intuitive self-service portal, stakeholders can request access to applications – without having to understand anything about the application architecture, the underlying network topology and device configurations, making service delivery faster and more accurate.

Accelerate Changes with Security Change Automation

SecureApp is an integral part of  Tufin Orchestration Suite. Together with SecureChange and SecureTrack, SecureApp enables you to define, implement, monitor, maintain and decommission application connectivity through a highly automated process. To create an application connection, all you need to do is specify the source and destination servers, as well as the service. When you’ve finished, simply click the Create Ticket button, and an Access Request is opened in SecureChange.

SecureApp fills in the SecureChange Access Request with the correct source and destination IPs, and port/protocol. At that point, the automated change workflow begins. Read more about SecureChange Network Change Automation.

Ticket Management
Ticket Management