Application Connectivity Management

Tufin SecureApp enables organizations to easily define, update, monitor and remove applications and services from the network. Today’s network security professionals spend more than 80% of their time making application-related changes and diagnosing network connectivity problems. By providing detailed insight into an application’s connectivity needs and status, SecureApp helps to accelerate service deployment, assure business continuity and simplify network operations. An integral part of  Tufin Orchestration Suite, SecureApp delivers the benefits of network change automation for the application deployment lifecycle.

Streamline Operations, Improve Collaboration

SecureApp uses automation and analytics for network configuration changes and to remove friction between siloed teams. SecureApp serves as a central console for all network-related application changes, ensuring that the network is always aligned with changing application requirements.

  • Application teams can define application components – such as web servers and databases – and the relationships between them. No understanding of the network topology is required.
  • Once connections are defined, they can submit change tickets that automatically translate the required application changes into network access requests.
  • At this point the network team uses SecureChange to complete the design, approval, and implementation of the required network policy changes.
  • The SecureApp dashboard always shows the applications’ connectivity status and change history to keep everybody up to date.
Application Connectivity Management