Department: R&D
Location: Bucharest


We're looking for a Senior SW Engineer to our Bucharest R&D team, who loves finding good technical solutions to a challenging business needs to be part of the Tufin Orchestration Suite - Platforms Group. The ideal candidate is passionate about software development, experienced with large scale distributed systems and curious about digital security.

In this Role, You Will:

- Build strong network security skills by working in an industry leading company in security policy orchestration.

 - Improve your analytical skills and algorithmic thinking

 - Gain deep knowledge about building modular, distributed software systems

 - Learn about modern and hot software technologies

 - Master code design and gain good architectural skills

 - Learn how to collaborate very well with many teams to continuously deliver and maintain a complex software product

Your Responsibilities Will Be:

 - To be part of an agile environment. You'll be working as part of an agile team using Scrum as development method

 - To design, build, test and deliver new features. We expect full ownership of all steps in the development life cycle

 - To analyze and fix existing bugs. Be part of the efforts to refactor and improve our existing code

 - To make use of extreme programming practices (CI, refactoring, reviews, pair programming, automated tests, incremental design)

 - To continuously improve your skills and learn new technologies

Location: Bucharest, Romania

In a central location and easy to commute to


 - very good analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

 - proven experience in designing and building large scale distributed systems

 - good understanding of quality properties (security, performance, scalability, availability, resilience, evolution etc.)

 - good knowledge of the HTTP protocol and of building software for the WWW

 - strong knowledge of the Java programming language and the related technologies (yes, we use Spring and Hibernate)

 - proven experience in applying object-oriented design principles, patterns and best practices

 - good knowledge of using SQL databases

 - experience using messaging protocols like JMS or AMQP, or other distributed messaging systems like Nats

Nice to Have:

 - experience with networking and security solutions

 - experience in using C++ in a production application

 - experience building reactive applications and using functional programming

 - experience using Docker, Kubernetes and/or NoSQL databases

 - knowledge of Kotlin or Scala

At Tufin, you'll be part of a great team, working in an environment that offers very good career development possibilities and you'll have the opportunity to contribute to a safer digital world. If you are looking to make an impact, Tufin is the right place for you.