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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Kelley Brooks

As we approached the closing moments of Tufinnovate, I was struck with the magnitude and quality of info that has been shared across 79 (!!) sessions, 3 regions and hundreds of customers and partners. I am grateful for all of those who prepared, shared, discussed and consumed this great content. In a world that has wearied of virtual events, I saw and heard engaging questions, insightful commentary, and a common focus on securing a rapidly evolving technology landscape. If you missed it or would like to revisit some content, register for on-demand access to Tufinnovate (which will be available beginning Monday).

The day kicked off with active conversation on TOS Aurora migration. Many of our customers have already made the move to Aurora, built on Kubernetes for scalability and agility. We heard from one customer yesterday who suggested the impact of migrating to Aurora will dramatically reduce the amount of custom work done by his team — this is the same customer who started using Tufin to manage 500 firewalls and that number is now approaching 2,000. It is our goal to reduce costs, and it’s nice to hear our customers outline how that is possible.

tufin security policy dashboard

While released in 21-3, the new security policy dashboard was on display a lot in these last couple days – it even had its own dedicated session. The dashboard plays a central role when we talk about enhanced hybrid cloud support unveiled in yesterday’s  TOS 22-1 release.  Our focus on the cloud is a commitment and reflection of the conversations we have with customers and partners every day. Related sessions (just for today) included:

  • Visibility, Control and Change Tracking for Public Cloud
  • Analyzing Cloud Security Policy in IaC
  • SASE Market Trends and Vision.

Cloud, network, security, LOB and development teams are all affected by the cloud at different levels – each has distinct needs, priorities and choices to make. Many organizations lack the resources and expertise to handle the volume of requirements in the mandate for agility AND security. The various sessions on Tufin Marketplace Apps and professional services shared some ways organizations can accelerate progress along that objective.


Today was also anchored by our keynote session; a fireside chat with Niloofar Razi-Howe and Tufin CEO, Ruvi Kitov. This lively conversation shared broad agreement on many challenges that organizations – and individuals – face today across the spectrum of access to education, shared understanding, and the critical importance of finding common ground.

At the cornerstone of the discussion was the velocity of change on multiple fronts across the last 30 years: AI/quantum, media, genetic and energy/climate. It is inspiring to witness the considered thinking and sharing of ideas across these topics and the conversation wove in so many facets that impact us all today.

In closing out my observations, I know I’ve shed just a small light on the richness of the Tufin ecosystem made up of customers, partners, employees, enthusiasts and more. These sessions tell the much fuller story and will be available on-demand for all to enjoy in short spurts for some, and maybe some binge watching for others. I am grateful for all who contributed to this year’s conference. I hope our 7th year will be a celebration when we can physically gather and toast the great successes of this broader Tufin team!

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