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Last updated April 21st, 2024 by Avigdor Book

At Tufin, we’re continually building innovative solutions and technologies that help our customers do more with less to generate better business outcomes. Our vision around artificial intelligence (AI), specifically, is to leverage advanced AI technologies to enhance network security by automating and optimizing security operations.

TufinMate (Beta), Tufin’s first free AI assistant, exemplifies how we’re leveraging AI to provide intelligent insights, automate routine tasks, and assist security teams in making faster, data-driven decisions. 

TufinMate (Beta) accelerates network access troubleshooting across hybrid networks and multi-vendor environments while automating the access enablement process across the organization through a best-in-breed topology engine. 

Here’s a brief overview of TufinMate’s capabilities:  

  • Answers whether access is permitted or blocked between a source and destination  

  • Provides a PDF topology map report showing all devices along the path  

  • Provides details on devices along the path  

  • Allows the user to open a network access request 

Learn more about how TufinMate (Beta) improves operational efficiency, ensures greater accuracy, and automates NetSec tasks.

TufinMate (Beta) at a Glance

TufinMate (Beta) helps troubleshoot network access issues with the same convenience as messaging a colleague.     

Tufinmate (Beta), which is accessible from Microsoft Teams, serves as a force multiplier to NetSecOps teams by finding answers quickly, accomplishing repetitive tasks, and automating network access troubleshooting so that other NetSecOps engineers can redirect their attention on higher-value efforts. 

For example, TufinMate (Beta) empowers non-network engineers, such as help desk engineers and developers, to quickly rule out whether a firewall issue causes an outage.

Without TufinMate (Beta), network security teams have to complete all ad hoc network access troubleshooting issues, which can cause delays for company-wide connectivity queries and add stress to network security teams. 

Tufinmate (Beta) takes on the onus of determining whether access between assets is already available. Suppose the chatbot determines that the access is blocked (by engaging with the topology engine). In that case, TufinMate allows the end user to natively request that access be enabled, which triggers the access enablement process in Tufin’s automated workflow.

Built with Security in Mind

TufinMate (Beta) can resolve questions and requests from users across organizations—but organizations control whether TufinMate is accessible to individual teams.  

TufinMate (Beta) enforces the least privilege by restricting the level of detail given to different users. TufinMate can also grant access to databases and applications based on the least privilege. To ensure optimal security, TufinMate’s security was tested and reviewed by an independent third party. 

TufinMate’s security is compatible even with customers on a militarized network.

TufinMate (Beta) Use Cases

TufinMate (Beta) exemplifies how Tufin’s automation capabilities leverage AI to streamline workflows and ensure network security policy management accuracy.

Here’s a full dive into TufinMate’s capabilities: 

· Network and Access Troubleshooting: Troubleshoots broken connectivity by providing information about access flows and generating PDFs of all devices on the requested path.

· Access Changes: Improves SLA compliance, automates the change process, and eliminates human errors and risks by opening request tickets, checking the status of access requests, and submitting tickets to decommission access or modify groups. 

· Resource Allocation: Frees up time for network security teams by taking on network access requests and ticket creation. 

· Incident Response Time: Improves response times and improves security posture by allowing users to perform network access queries efficiently and open change tickets.

· Risk Evaluation: Automatically evaluates the risk of a network change request to determine whether it is low or high risk.

Here’s an example of a TufinMate PDF report.

TufinMate (Beta): Enhanced NetSec Through AI

TufinMate (Beta) is one example of how we’re harnessing AI to accelerate and improve network security for our customers.

TufinMate’s value lies in its automation capabilities to access permission queries in a hybrid cloud deployment, troubleshoot network access issues across the broadest coverage of cloud network technologies, and ensure accurate risk-based change automation. 

TufinMate (Beta) leverages AI to help organizations proactively identify risks, avoid breaches, simplify audit prep, pass audits, avoid penalties, and improve operational efficiency.

Learn more about how TufinMate (Beta) accelerates network access troubleshooting and automates the access enablement process here.

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