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Published April 19th, 2023 by Roi Alon

Good news from the Tufin team! We’re pleased to announce the general availability of our latest release, Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) R20-1.

This new version extends Tufin’s Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) leadership as the broadest automation platform supporting the widest range of vendors.  R20-1 focuses on enhanced automation and NGFW management capabilities. TOS R20-1 provides:

  • Accelerate incident response by using the Rule Modification workflow to remove risky services from rules. 
  • Enhanced support for IPv6, where now, you can run path analysis (“what if”) between requested source and destination or troubleshoot connectivity by including IPv6 addresses.
  • Extended NGFW support of both Palo Alto Networks Panorama and Cisco Firepower.

Key features in this release include: 

1.    NEW! Option to modify services in rules — We’ve extended the capabilities of the Rule Modification Workflow and added the option to modify firewall rules by adding and/or removing an object/s from the service field. This is in addition to the ability to do it for the source/destination fields (available since TOS R19-3). This becomes especially handy when you need to do routine policy clean up, modify network access, or quickly block risky services. Remember the infamous “WannaCry” breach? You can now search for all rules that allow inbound traffic on a specific port and block it.

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