Last updated Nov 10th, 2022 by Reuven Harrison

Agility is everything in today's business landscape – it enables enterprises and startups alike to release applications faster and more frequently. Or as the saying goes: Release early, Release Often – that's the guiding philosophy that creates successful companies.

And for this reason SDN is quickly becoming the new standard for networking.

SDN enables you to setup network infrastructure in seconds.

Compare this to the painful weeks and months you would be waiting around for IT in the old days and the reasoning is obvious.

Cisco's ACI is exactly this – a full blown SDN platform which can be programmed through RESTful APIs to deploy and configure networks in seconds.

But ACI goes beyond networking – someone smart figured out that as important networking is, it is only the means while the goal is the Application. So ACI allows you to deploy applications with their underlying network infrastructure in one go and that's awesome! But what about security which is so critical to business today?

Oh, well Cisco ACI built that into the process too – alongside the application and its network, you also define its security policy – isn't that all we need?

At Tufin we share this line of thought, which in a nutshell is:

  • Agility is the key to success and therefore automation is a must
  • Security is crucial and therefore it has to be baked into the automated change process through a policy
  • Applications are the ultimate goal of IT and therefore any change process must start at the application level

And this is why Tufin and Cisco ACI together make so much sense – because we share the same vision of application driven infrastructure, extreme automation and a governing security policy.

Tufin has a long history of partnership and deep integration with Cisco platforms, and we are building the market leading integration between our Network Security Orchestration Suite and Cisco ACI, the leading SDN platform. Our integration enables our customers to benefit from the advantages of SDN in an agile and heterogeneous environment and to deliver their applications faster than ever with uncompromised security and compliance.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will discuss our integration in more depth along with some specific key customer use cases.  After all agility is everything, isn't it?