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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Ruvi Kitov

Today is the day.

Today is an important milestone in Tufin’s history. Today, we are announcing what we believe to be the biggest paradigm shift that firewall management has experienced in the last 20 years.

And even though….

  • IT teams are now managing hundreds of firewall rules across multiple servers
  • Over 90% of IT security teams say that they now spend more than half their time on application management Request the survey
  • 1 in 3 say specialists report security breaches as a result of application-related rule changes

…. There have been no major advances in firewall management.

Until today.

That’s why we at Tufin see today as the end of the Firewall Policy Management evolution and the start of the Firewall Policy Management Revolution.

It’s called Application Connectivity Management.

Application Connectivity Management means that you can now manage your network top-down: starting with the application and moving onto network security.

Application Connectivity Management means that your application deployment time is quicker and you have visibility and control over your applications from the network connectivity perspective.

Application Connectivity Management means Tufin’s SecureApp. Read all about it (link to SA web page) and tell us what you think at #TheFirewallRevolution add new LinkedIn group here.

I’d like to thank the entire Tufin team for making this happen: everyone who participated in the design, development, QA and customer interaction – it was truly a team effort, and it shows. I’m proud to be in the company of such a talented group of people!

Most importantly – I’d like to thank the customers who helped us refine the ideas for SecureApp, and especially SIX Group in Switzerland (the Swiss stock exchange), who is the first customer to purchase SecureApp – we really appreciate all of your help, feedback and support!


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