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Last updated June 20th, 2024 by Brian Gladstein

As we conclude the North America and Europe/Middle East leg of this year’s Tufinnovate tour, I’m thrilled to close on yet another high note and am eager for the Asia-Pacific sessions!

To those of you who attended the North American and Europe/Middle East sessions, I can’t stress enough how much your engagement and participation mean to us. We gain immeasurable value, joy, and feedback from connecting with our customers, partners, and colleagues across all corners of the globe.  

Each year, we gather your feedback, opinions, and stories to inform our decisions—this year will be no exception. We especially love your feedback on AI, Microsoft Azure, and autonomous decisions.

So far, this year’s Tufinnovate sessions have focused on the marriage between cloud and network security, specifically how the lines separating traditional on-premises network security from cloud-based security measures are becoming more indistinct.

North America and Europe/Middle East Tufinnovate: AI, Azure, and More  

Speakers shared insights on the evolving landscape of network security, how to navigate new norms, and future strategies to combat cyber threats. Discussions centered around the importance of prevention, emphasizing the need for enhanced hygiene practices and automation to mitigate risks effectively.

In the keynote session, Dorit Dor, the Chief Technology Officer at Checkpoint Technology, discussed the significance of autonomous decisions and the need to leverage all available methods to enhance network security.

Another popular session, Extend Azure Security Controls, discussed Azure’s approach to implementing the zero-trust model across networking layers. It emphasized using virtual networks, network security groups, and Azure Firewall to safeguard against various threats, including DDoS attacks and intrusion attempts.

Lastly, the third session that stood out amongst the crowd was the one centered on Tufin’s role in AI-powered innovation. Led by Tufin’s Director of Product Management, Applications, Hadas Lahav, and VP of Sales & Customer Success, they:  

  • Provided examples of AI-driven solutions to automate and streamline security tasks.  

  • Discussed plans for AI integration.  

  • Emphasized Tufin’s commitment to delivering value to customers.

If you’d like to stay updated about Tufinnovate 2025 or watch some of our sessions-on-demand, please visit the Tufinnovate North America page or the Tufinnovate Europe/Middle East page. 

Looking Ahead to Tufinnovate Asia Pacific   

If you were intrigued by the Tufinnovate North America and Europe/Middle East sessions, there’s still time to register for Tufinnovate Asia Pacific!  

The event will kick off with a warm welcome and an introduction, followed by a keynote on the paradigm shift in cloud security and the impact of AI. From there, you’ll hear from current Tufin customers, explore the critical intersection of network security and cloud, and delve into how Tufin’s Rule Lifecycle Management enables compliance automation.  

Tufinnovate APAC 2024 will conclude with a visionary roadmap presentation on Tufin and AKIPS products so you know what to expect regarding product support, releases, and upgrades moving forward.  

Register here—we can’t wait to see you there!

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