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Last updated May 7th, 2024 by Avigdor Book

Imagine not having to spend hours wrestling with laborious updates to your organization’s security policies.  

Tufin’s provisioning services eliminate the complexity of manually updating evolving policies to improve efficiency, productivity, and compliance. Included in Tufin’s suite of automation capabilities and tools, compromising of target selection, proactive risk analysis, design, and verification, Tufin’s provisioning services implement and push network access changes to firewall devices, security groups, and management devices. 

By automating routine tasks such as rule creation, modification, and deletion, Tufin empowers IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by manual administrative tasks.  

Manual Policy Changes Introduce Errors and Waste Resources

Traditionally, manual implementation of security policy changes has been laborious and error prone. In the past, IT teams were bogged down with manually configuring and updating security policies across the network infrastructure.   

This process consumed time and resources and introduced many potential errors and inconsistencies. From misconfigured rules to overlooked vulnerabilities, the human factor in policy management often resulted in gaps in security defenses, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber threats.  

Tufin’s provisioning automation capabilities solve critical challenges such as application deployment sluggishness due to manual firewall policy implementations, increased labor burdens on network and security groups, and the heightened risk of human errors and misconfigurations.  

Reduce the Complexity of Managing Policy Configurations

Tufin’s provisioning services provide a layer of consistency and accuracy that is unattainable through manual methods alone.   

By enforcing standardized policies and configurations across the network infrastructure, Tufin ensures uniformity and compliance with regulatory requirements to reduce the risk of misconfigurations and compliance violations. This bolsters organizational security and improves operational efficiency.  

Provisioning also streamlines inefficient network provisioning processes, helping organizations deploy changes rapidly and seamlessly. With automated workflows and predefined templates, provisioning reduces the time and effort required to implement changes while minimizing the risk of human error.  

Here is the complete list of the benefits of Tufin’s provisioning services:  

  • Accelerated network change and application deployment: Provisioning facilitates the rapid deployment of network changes and application updates without compromising security or reliability.  

  • Precise and predictable compliance achieved through automation: Provisioning ensures adherence to regulatory standards and industry best practices.  

  • Mitigation of the risk of human error: Provisioning minimizes the likelihood of security incidents stemming from misconfigurations or oversight.  

  • Reduction of manual effort and the monthly volume of manual changes: Provisioning streamlines administrative tasks and reduces the manual effort required to implement policy changes.  

  • Streamlined and accelerated change processes: Provisioning simplifies and accelerates implementing policy changes, enabling organizations to achieve greater agility and responsiveness in the face of security threats and evolving business requirements.  

  • Maximization of the value derived from automation investments: Provisioning optimizes operational workflows and drives business outcomes, which frees up engineers’ time so they can focus on more strategic projects. 


Tufin’s provisioning services provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for automating and simplifying security policy changes. 

Tufin’s provisioning services empower organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats by ensuring their security policies are consistently enforced, compliant, and resilient against evolving cyber threats.   

By leveraging automation, Tufin enables organizations to enhance their security posture, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate the risks associated with manual policy management.

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